Information about the artist. Contemporary artist Vladimir Portyanoy. Painting, graphics

Vladimir Portyanoy



In 1973 he graduated from the Moscow Art School “In Memory of 1905”.

Since 1983 — a member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

Since 1993 — a member of the White Circle association.

Since 1999, a member of the International Art Fund.

The works are in galleries and private collections in Russia and abroad.



1985 — “Trans-agency” Moscow, Russia.

1994 — Gallery “White Circle”, Moscow, Russia.

1995 — Bank “Informtechnika”, Moscow, Russia.

1997 — ART-cafe “Nostalgie”, Moscow, Russia.

1998 — Gallery “Russian House”, Belgrade Yugoslavia.

1998 — Gallery “Renata”, Novisad Yugoslavia.

1998 — Hotel “Cosmos”. Moscow, Russia.

2000 — International Art Fund. Moscow, Russia.

2001 — Bulgarian Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia.

2002 -2003 — PriceWaterHauseCooper, Moscow, Russia.

2007-2009 — Gallery Center-M, VVTs, pavilion, Moscow, Russia.

2008-2009 — Moscow, Vladimir Nazarov Musical Theater, Moscow, Russia.

2010-2011 — RSI gallery “Kremlin”, exhibition “Long-awaited journey”, “MARRIOTT GRAND HOTEL”, Moscow, Russia.

2010-2011 — RSI gallery “Kremlin”, exhibition “Magic journey”, “MARRIOTT HOTELS AURORA”, Moscow, Russia.

2010-2011 — RSI gallery “Kremlin”, exhibition “An Unexpected Journey”, “НILTON MOSCOW LENINGRADSKAYA”, Moscow, Russia.

2014 — Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists “Gallery of Painting Art”, Moscow, Russia.

2016 — Exhibition “Black Boards”, Gallery “A3”, Moscow, Russia.

2019 — Exhibition “Theater of Painting”, Gallery “On Kashirke”, Moscow, Russia.



1988 — Exhibition dedicated to the 1OOO anniversary of Russian culture, Moscow, Russia.

1988 — group exhibition “Labyrinth”, Moscow, Russia.

1988 — week of Sotheby’s participants on the Arbat, Moscow, Russia.

1989 — Group exhibition “Russian soul”, Graz, Austria.

1989 — Exhibition of a group of artists, Kefalonia, Greece.

1989 — Group exhibition and auction at the Museum and Exhibition Center, Zagreb, Yugoslavia.

1989 — Helsinki, Finland.

1990 — group exhibition “Contemporary Soviet Art”, Rome, Italy.

1990 — 5th International Fair contemporary art “ARTLA-9O”, Los Angeles, USA.

1990 -1991 — international fair contemporary art in Tokyo, Japan.

1990 — Gallery “Cooling”, London, United Kingdom.

1990 — Gallery “Soyuz”, Seoul, South Korea.

1991 — APT International Contemporary Art Fair, London 91, UK.

1991 — “Paintings return to Russia, paintings remain in Russia”, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.

1996 — “Turkey through the eyes of Russian artists”, Library foreign literature, Moscow, Russia.

1996 — Group exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland.

1999 — Group exhibition, House of Friendship, Moscow, Russia.

2001-2002 — Charity auction “Operation Hope”, Russian Cultural Foundation, GlavUpDK at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow, Russia.

2002 — group exhibition of the participants of the almanac “Artists of Moscow”, Moscow, Russia.

2004-2005 — group exhibitions at the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.

2006 — Hotel “Cosmos”, cafe “Carlsberg”. Moscow, Russia.

2006-2007 — group exhibition of Russian art, Oxford University, London, United Kingdom.

2008 — group exhibition days of Orthodox culture in Manezh, Moscow, Russia.

2016 — international exhibition in the gallery Na Kashirke INSIGHT, Moscow, Russia.

2017 — 7th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Kino Gallery, Moscow, Russia.